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Double Dutch Team
The Double Dutch Team at
Washington Math Science Technology
(WMST) Public Charter High School

Double Dutch Team plans to attend Summer Camp in Tampa

The Double Dutch Team at Washington Math Science Technology (WMST) Public Charter High School is not just about jumping over ropes and looking cute, according to the team's moderator, Ms. Inez Glover.

“Some of the girls had self-esteem problems when we started,” said Glover, an administrative assistant at WMST and school parent who founded the team in 2009. Some thought they couldn't jump over the ropes.

From an initial group of more than a dozen young ladies in the Double Dutch Team, a core group of six sophomores and junior teammates has emerged this school year. One teammate has lost as much as 15 lbs. since joining the team. Under Ms. Glover's watchful eye, each team member has raised her grades to ensure she can continue to participate.

Double Dutchers at WMST have also learned the importance of remaining consistent and faithful to their obligations and showing up regularly and on-time to practice. They look up to their coach, whom some call “Mama Inez” because of strong sentiments toward her. She has photos of WMST students posted inside her cubicle and speaks with fondness of the students.

The six Double Dutch teammates, working closely with Ms. Glover, have decided to take the next step: attend Sixth Annual Double Dutch Camp at St. Leo University in Tampa, Fla., from July 20-24, sponsored by the National Double Dutch League.

Just as they were trying to surpass three minutes of non-stop double dutch jumping, they also began fundraising, including selling pizzas and refreshments at a school-sponsored go-go concert. By the third week of May, the group had raised approximately $500 to cover their flight, accomodations and meals for the camp, and they had several donut and bake sales in addition to car washes planned to help earn the additional $2,500 they need to raise by early July.

To make a tax deductible donation to support WMST's Double Dutch Team attending the Double Dutch Camp, please use this link http://tiny.cc/i29gh