Martina Partee Photo

"At WMST, my teachers showed me different ways I could pay for college and also make the most of my undergraduate experience. My three years on the Drill Team helped me to learn discipline and focus, as well as how to stay calm under pressure. I also participated in the Debate Team at WMST, so by the time I entered college, I was confident in my public speaking ability, and I knew how to present an argument and speak persuasively."

Martina Partee
WMST Class of 2009
Jacksonville University Class of 2013

Jaren Davis Class of '09 Valedictorian

"I had classmates who had big personalities and were bright. They were interested in acting, fine arts, the law and other areas. They were not scared to pursue their passions. No matter what you want to do, people there will support you. At WMST, you have teachers who push you and understand the potential that you have."

Jaren Davis,
Class of 2009 Valedictorian
Georgetown University Class of '13



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Founded in 1998, Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School is a leading public charter high school in Washington, D.C. Our school is helping many students realize their families' dreams that they be the first in the family to graduate from a college or university. As we move forward, it’s important that we diversify our sources of support and implement innovative programs to benefit our students and their families.

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